Euclidis Tsakalotos, former Greek Minister of Finance, in Palermo


Euclidis Tsakalotos, former Greek Minister of Finance, was in Palermo for a speech at an event by the Gramsci Institute and the Greek community on “The Fingerprint of the SYRIZA Government” and presentation of the book he have written with Christos Laskos.

Also the mayor Leoluca Orlando received the Greek politician in Villa Niscemi  Tsakalotos.

At the end of the meeting, Orlando explained that “it was an opportunity to remember the experience of the Tsipras government, which tried to prevent Greece from being overwhelmed by a financial and economic crisis and bravely sacrificed part of its consent for to reach a compromise position that has certainly saved Greece from the financial abyss and populist tendencies, placing respect for the human person at the center “.

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