Econophysics Colloquium 2018 September 12-14, 2018 Palermo – Italy

It is being held at the University of Palermo and it will end on 14th September the international colloquium on econophysics.
Econophysics Colloquium is an annual meeting on Econophysics that brings together physicists, economists and practitioners to discuss statistical methods, quantitative measures, modelling approaches, numerical simulations and non-conventional data mining methods applied to financial, economic, and social systems.
It is a great achievement to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of a new and innovative science in Palermo.
Econophysics Colloquium started in 2005 in Canberra (Australia) and in subsequent years was held in the following locations: Tokyo (Japan 2006), Ancona (Italy 2007), Kiel (Germany 2008), Erice (Italy 2009), Taipei (Taiwan 2010), Vienna (Austria 2011), Zürich (Switzerland 2012), Pohang (Korea 2013), Kobe (Japan 2014), Prague (Czech Republic 2015), São Paulo (Brazil 2016), and Warsaw (Poland 2017). The Colloquium is taking place in Palermo at the 20th anniversary of the organization of the “International Workshop on Econophysics and Statistical Finance” held in Palermo, Italy 28-30 September 1998.

Bikas K. Chakrabarti

Econophysics Colloquium 2018 aims to stimulate presentation and discussion of theories, methods and models developed in research areas like physics, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, and engineering. Econophysics COlloquium 2018 will promote the opportunity of meeting with people belonging to different scientific fields who are interested in interdisciplinary cooperation. This is the twentieth year of this colloquium and for the first time in the short history of the Econophysics, Palermo hosts this conference. The rooms of the department of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Palermo offer place for the event. The Econophysics is a new science created by the mix between Physics and Economy and actually the main purpose is to structure the basis of this new science.

Misako Takayasu

Hideaki Aoyama (Kyoto), Guido Caldarelli (Lucca), Bikas K. Chakrabarti (Kolkata), Damien Challet (Paris), Siew Ann Cheong (Singapore), Tiziana Di Matteo (London), Mauro Gallegati (Ancona), Shlomo Havlin (Bar Ilan, Israel) Giulia Iori (London) Imre Kondor (Vienna), Ryszard Kutner (Warsaw), Fabrizio Lillo (Bologna), Matteo Marsili (Trieste) Jyrki Piilo (Turku), Finland) Frank Schweitzer (Zürich), Gene Stanley (Boston), Misako Takayasu (Tokyo), Claudio J. Tessone ( Zürich), Stefan Thurner (Vienna), Wei-Xing Zhou (Shanghai).
Rosario N. Mantegna ( Palermo ) Salvatore Miccichè ( Palermo )
by Guglielmo Brancato

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