Cultural relations between Palermo and Bitola

Cultural relations between Palermo and Bitola

It took place this morning, at the Public Library in Professed House, a meeting between the Department of Culture, Andrea Cusumano, the director of the Public Library, Philip Guttuso and a delegation of librarians of Republic of Macedonia, led by Blagoj Nikolov, President Librarians Association Macedonians.

The meeting, included as part of the initiatives taken by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia in order to share ideas for possible cooperation on library scanning, part of the plan of activities undertaken by the Government of Macedonia as part of the application to the State EU member.

During the work, it was decided to establish a protocol of partnership between the city of Palermo and Macedonian Bitola, to expand common cultural activities.

“Today’s meeting – says councilor Cusumano – confirms the desire of the city administration to enable a network of European Partnership for growing cultural designs. In this sense, are already in place some projects with major partners and in this context the link with the Republic of Macedonia and in particular with the city of Bitola, can become a useful tool for the realization of cultural routes International confirm that more and more Palermo as a meeting place between cultures. In this regard – said the Councillor for Culture – I emphasize with great pride that up to September 19, at Cantieri culturali alla Zisa, our city hosts delegates from 38 countries from all continents for the thirteenth International Conference on Art Therapy of écarté ” .

The Macedonian representative, after the meeting, donated to the City Library 73 books in the Macedonian language and English that will enrich the bibliographic heritage of the Library.


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