China and Palermo. Together for new developments

Palermo is the “tip of the boot”, which is the shape given to Italian peninsula, but it is also the most important sites of Xi Jinping’s tour. The Mediterranean sun shines and even if the Chinese are distant, the exchanges between them are deep and persistent. Palermo and Chengdu, China, have established twin relationships in two historic cities.

They have exchanged many times in economics, culture, sports and other matters. Especially in recent years, Sicilian agricultural products, such as citrus fruits, wine, olive oil and others have been delivered by air and by sea. The peoples of the two cities are very rich in commerce. This time, the two sides met and believed in each other, achieving a winning result.

Palermo is an important international port, import and export can build the future of this port, the two partners together will have better prospects. At the same time, it will play an important role in promoting the world’s economic development.

Xi Jinping said in Italian media over: “There is the establishment of diplomatic relations, no matter how the international scenary changes, the two countries have mutual trust and close collaboration, and can establish a different social system. Thanks to a cultural background, China and Italy certainly enjoy mutual benefits between China and Italy, friendship is ancient and solid and constitutes a solid basis for rapid and stable relations”.

The Chinese are very passionate about the beauties of Sicily, a land of history, beauty and great food, which fascinate the Chinese people. We believe that in the process of friendly exchanges between the two peoples, everything will always go better!

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