Attract tourists to Palermo in low season, even by social networks.

The city of Palermo want to increase tourist flows even during low season. This is why  started a tourism promotion campaign in Palermo abroad.

During the year, with the funds of the Municipality’s institutional communication plan, promotional activities had already been launched through the sector magazines, in particular “National Geographic” and “Dove”, and on-board magazines of various airlines companies operating in Punta Raisi airport, like Alitalia and Easy Jet.

Now, through the promotional channels of Ryan Air, a campaign aimed at the foreign market starts, with the goal of reaching at least 5 million contacts in Europe by the end of December, especially in Spain, Germany and Denmark.

The campaign, prepared by the Communication Department of the Municipality with the support of experts in communication of the Mayor, provides in particular for the use of differente media, aimed at  who has already shown interest in the tourism sector.

In fact:
– newsletter aimed at customers traveling to Italy but not to Palermo, with an invitation to visit the city
– posts geolocated on Facebook
– “retargeting” activities aimed at potential travelers who have visited travel sites.
In the photos some of the images used during the campaign, related to the Teatro Massimo, the Cathedral, I Quattro Canti and the Gulf of Mondello.

“Palermo is experiencing an extraordinary tourist boom – says Mayor Leoluca Orlando – as long as many arrivals at the airport and at the port are recorded, and the” sold out ” in city hotels during peak periods as well. So we are going to give a concrete answer to the request of the operators in the turistic sector, which expect this flow of tourists will remain high throughout the year.
It is an activity that we intend to promote also in the future, because tourism is one of the main drivers of the economic development of our city “.

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