An international project without borders and barriers, in 14 countries, to tell the artists after the pandemic. September 16 in Palermo

  1. A mural made in Palermo will go around the world, a photograph taken in Cuba will be digitally projected in the United States, an image made in Costa Rica could appear on a wall in Angola. Art knows no boundaries, walls, cells, barriers: it is free to exist, breathe, discuss and make people discuss. And during the pandemic, there were many artists who have rethought their relationship with the art system, they initiate a dialogue that has gone beyond the countries to tighten a single collective embrace. ONE VOICE was born from here: a social movement that promotes an international outdoor festival where public art becomes a means to inspire and unite communities. Founded by Gil Shavit (Peru) and Eugene Lemay (USA), “ONE VOICE” was born during the most difficult moments of the pandemic as a solidarity project in a moment of global uncertainty. And it has gathered immediate support, so much so as to create a single red thread through 20 cities, from 14 countries on five continents; not to mention that the elite of street art took to the field, from Ron English to California Locos, Hugo Gyrl, Chroboogie, Hiero Noriega or Nate Dee.

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