Next June the renewal of the Consulta delle Culture

On Sunday 24 June 2018, from 8.00 to 20.00, will be  the elections for the renewal of the Consulta delle Culture, the representative body of all foreign citizens, EU citizens, non-EU citizens, stateless persons and those who have acquired Italian citizenship, will reside in Palermo and have reached the age of 18 by the day of the vote.

The Council – an instrument of political participation in the life of the city – performs advisory and propositional functions for the activity of the municipal administration. It is composed of 21 members and elect a President who represents it and participates in the work of the City Council.

Candidatures, supported by 50 signatures, may be presented from 8.30 am on May 25th at 12.00 pm on 31st May 2018, during office hours, at the Electoral Office in Piazza Giulio Cesare n. 52.

The application form can be downloaded from the institutional website or collected from the Electoral Office.

Where to vote:

I Circoscrizione: Scuola “Valverde” – via Valverde 1 e Scuola “Madre Teresa di Calcutta” – via Maqueda 53;

II Circoscrizione: Scuola “Amari” – via G.F. Ingrassia 33;

III Circoscrizione: Scuola “F. P. Perez” – via F. P. Perez 1;

IV Circoscrizione: Scuola “Montegrappa” – via Gustavo Roccella 37;

V Circoscrizione: Scuola “De Amicis” via Nazario Sauro 11;

VI Circoscrizione: Scuola “Collodi” – via Briuccia 89;

VII CIrcoscrizione: Scuola “S. Domenico Savio” – viale della Resurrezione 1;

VIII Circoscrizione: Scuola “Rapisardi” – via Caltanissetta 27 e Scuola “Marconi” – via Antonino Di Giorgi 4.

Further information:

Piazza Giulio Cesare n. 52, phone 091/740 3782/3797

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