Port and trade. Straight on to efficiency and simplification

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Port Authority of the Western Sea of ​​Sicily, the Chamber of Commerce, the Customs Agency and the Territorial Council of the Customs Forwarders of Sicily has been signed. The purpose of this agreement is training and advice for foreign trade.

It is a pact for training in customs, an agreement that paves the way for new forms of employment and entrepreneurship in the field of customs dispatches. An economic sector, this one in great ascent: only in the last year there has been an 11% increase in traffic and goods movements in Sicily to and from abroad.

Pasqualino Monti, president of the Port Authority Authority of the Western Sea of ​​Sicily, commented: “A protocol that support knowledge and simplification. A port to be more competitive has to simplify the procedures to facilitate the transit of goods and passengers. To do this, it is necessary to promote the new customs, port, logistical and commercial regulations with training events on these issues, updating workshops aimed at companies and all economic operators, consultations to prevent situations of difficulty that may affect services “. “This is a very important agreement for our economic circuit – notes the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo and Enna, Alessandro Albanese -. With the signing of this protocol, the Chamber of Commerce once again plays a strategic role in supporting and assisting local businesses “. The words of Lucilla Cassarino, director of the Customs and Monopolies Agency – Regional Directorate for Sicily – Palermo Customs Office: “We want to implement a compliance strategy with customs operators. The objectives we pursue are many and all aim at simplification: greater comparison with operators, communication and disclosure of legislation, support for competitiveness, through the implementation of new tools and customs facilities already existing or newly introduced, support to the institute of single customs door and electronic file “.
“The result – explains Emanuele Tamà, president of the Territorial Council of Customs Forwarders – will be that of an ever increasing, more precise and punctual assistance in the customs, port, logistic and commercial fulfillments of the companies”.
The first courses to start will be the New Routes and New Traffics courses to emerging countries with innovation of the Rex system, ie the new way of certification of the origin of goods.

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