Quid Gusto Siciliano awarded prize Corone Oro Sicilia

In Piazza Marina 52, in front of the historic Palazzo Chiaramonte – Steri, we meet the Quid Gusto Siciliano (sicilian taste) restaurant and pizzeria. It has a scenic al fresco space outside, just in front of the giant Ficus Magnolioides.
Elegant restaurant, inaugurated in 2019 by Leonardo La Rocca, Serena Giattina and Giovanni Scaduto, where you can taste the dishes of ancient Sicilian cuisine, some revisited in a modern key, by the young chef Rosario Mezzatesta (in the photo below with Aldo Palmeri) assisted by Luca.

The authentic Neapolitan pizza by the pizza chef Davide Federico is excellent, with a soft mixture of selected grains, tasty, well cooked, topped with top quality and very digestible ingredients.
Among the special appetizers: red prawn tartar from Mazara del Vallo with crispy Jerusalem artichoke chips; tasty first courses, recommended mezzemaniche with clams (in the photo below) and white bean cream with chilli pepper. The fish is still darting we can say, stuffed squid alla palermitana in red anchovy sauce. And about the delicate desserts, not to be missed shortcrust pastry basket with chantilly cream and berries.


We can say as well that the staff is kind and helpful and care for all the time.
That’s why the Quid Gusto Siciliano is a new gem of the historic center of Palermo.

So Aldo Palmeri and the staff of “Amici del Club Corone oro Sicilia”, with Giovanni La Rosa pastry chef, Alessandro Scordi executive chef and the journalist Dora Di Cara conferred two Corona to the restaurant and one Trinacria to the pizzeria

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