Artist and chef in Bagheria

Is Pino Vitrano first a cook or an artist?
His restaurant in Via Mattarella in Bagheria is called Emozioni (Emotions) and when you enter there you really feel the emotions. The ceiling is covered with canvas by Pino Vitrano, some tables are actually his paintings on wood, very colorful and vivid. All around bottles and many artistic objects as well. In the kitchen Pino Vitrano is very moderated. Bagherese tradition still lives in each dish he makes but with something new that enrich them. And so sardines beccafico, caponata of swordfish, and the amazing fish couscous reveal a refinement in the details that make them traditional “gourmet” dishes. To let the diners go away with a sense of lightness Vitrano offers a cantaloupe and pineapple granita really new and pleasant.

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