XIX European Day of Jewish Culture

Sunday, October 14 at 5 pm at Steri (piazza Marina) will take place the XIX European Day of Jewish Culture, in this edition dedicated to “Storytelling”, to narrate. Narration is a very present and very relevant act in the Jewish tradition, whose roots lie precisely in a “story”: that contained in the Torah, the Hebrew Bible, foundational of Jewish identity and heritage of all humanity.

In the Torah, say the organizers, every word has its own place, its own value, its meaning and specific weight. The set of words that compose it are a text in which nothing is left to chance, transmitted from generation to generation, unchanged over the millennia but alive thanks to study and teaching.

In the morning at 9.15 am a visit to the ancient Giudecca is scheduled, beginning in Piazza Bellini. Contribution of 5 euro to financing the restoration of the Oratorio del Sabato (photo) destined to become the Synagogue of Palermo.

קרא בעברית

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