“Ulysses escapes from the city or Nobody escapes from the city”. A photos exhibition

“Ulysses away from the city” is the title of the photo exhibition organized in Palermo, Palazzo delle Aquile, by Beetroot, edited by Andrea Musicò, in which the photographers explore the sometimes adversarial relationship with their origins. Layout and graphics are by Sarah Graceffa who coordinated the whole project since its embryonic stage, designed, and developed the original display supports.

GIORDANO BUFO Dramma e Gloria. La mia patria è la mia casa

Eight young photographers involved: in addition to the same Musicò, author of videos and photos of the posters, Giordano Bufo, Pierpaolo Lo Giudice, Luca Piceno, Giorgia Ruggiano, Simone Ruiz, Marco Traina, Giorgia Trupia; all under 30 and who share experiences of studying and working abroad, and by a sort of “circularity” alternating departures and returns in proactive perspective of their personal experiences.

ANDREA MUSICO’ Lu tunnu quannu si fieimma, s’astuta

“As long as it is true that Ulysses escapes away from the city, then it is also true that none escapes from the city,” says playing on words Marco Traina, – None is the name which Ulysses use to mislead Cyclops -. Traina is one of the photographers in the exhibition and one the founders of Beetroot, a young company made of young people with the aim of activating synergies between the world of artists and enterprises.


” ‘Ulysses away from the city” – explains Traina – is the story of our generation. There is talk of fleeing talents. More than an escape is a necessity, a desire for openness to the world and the consequent experiences of living and working elsewhere. Sooner or later we will return to the place where it all began and that has made us the way we are; and that will always recall us as an irreplaceable mother. “


Events to be held in Palazzo delle Aquile for the exhibition “Ulysses away from the city”
Saturday, March 4 from 18 to 20, live music with Try a Trio; Alberto Petrigno bass, tenor Francesco Viola,  Sandro Giambruno battery.Sunday, March 5 to 11, presentation of the book “What there is” Elisa Nobile.Wednesday, March 8 (18-20), live music with Luca Burgio.Thursday, March 9 (18-20), live music with Pi0 Placido Trio.Friday, March 10 (17.30 to 19.30), an itinerant writing workshop “New Book”.

Saturday, March 11 (11-15), presentation of handicraft group “Insula”.

Saturday, March 11 (18-20), music by Angelo Madoglio.

Sunday, March 12 (10:30. 13), the seminar “Kitchen: culture and wellness” with Salvo Galvez, accompanied by brunch offered by the restaurant “Haiku”.

All events are free and accompanied by an aperitif

Open every day until March 13, the exhibition is held under the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of the City of Palermo; and is sponsored by Gesap which provided advertising space at the Falcone-Borsellino airport, Pick-up hi-fi, Plex Design, Giglio.


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