Training course Digital Export Academy – Palermo, February and March 2019 – applications by 12 February 2019

Sicindustria Enterprise Europe Network and the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo Enna, promote and support the training course called “Digital Export Academy” organized by ICE (The national authority for foreign trade), for 30 companies that want to undertake programs of internationalization in trading using new digital tools.

This initiative is aimed at Italian SMEs interested in strengthening, deepening and developing their skills through activities on foreign markets through targeted digital training.

The course is divided into 8 training sessions every two weeks starting from 20 February.

Applications must be submitted by 12 February.

The 8 training sessions every two weeks starting from February 20th on: Web marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Intellectual property for digital and Market Place, teachers will be experts in internationalization and trading. They areAndrea Boscaro (Web Marketing), Alfonso Pace (Social Media), Giulio Finzi (e-Commerce & Market Place) e Luca Egitto (Proprietà intellettuale digitale).


Via A. Volta 44 – 90133 Palermo – tel: 091581100

CCIAA Palermo Enna
Via Emerico Amari, 11 90139 Palermo
tel. 091.6050219
tel. 091.6050401

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