The photo contest in Castelbuono at the 20th edition

Great photographic event in Castelbuono on the occasion of the XX edition of the “National Photography Competition of the City of Castelbuono” organized by the Cultural Association Enzo La Grua, by Vincenzo Cucco.
Photographers have brilliantly succeeded in expressing, through the image, the concept of “Street Art” as a human, cultural and social value, with the sensitivity of those behind the photographic “eye” to investigate the different types of art.
Basically the road as a stage to be able to express “art”,
Also established the “Youth Award” attributed to the most significant photography both artistically and emotionally.

The jury composed of Vincenzo Cucco himself, as president, Tommaso Romano – writer / art critic, Nuccio Vara – journalist, Enzo Brai – photography master, Giuseppe Leone – photography teacher, Anna Fici – prof. of Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes University of Palermo / photographer, Igor Petyx – photojournalist, had the onerous task of choosing the works to be awarded according to technical and artistic criteria and to select about 160 photographs, out of about 700 received, for the preparation of the exhibition including those to be awarded.

These are the winners: free / color theme: 1st “The sun” by Mauro Vincenzi (Bastille / Modena), 2nd  “Inside their home” by Sandro Rizzato (Nodica / Pisa), 3rd  “Terre del Sud (Sud Africa) Lands of the South (South Africa)” by Enrico Doria (Pavia). For the free / white-black theme: 1st  “Geometrie” by Daniele Franceschini (Gavorrano / GR), 2nd “Ai margini (At the margins)” by Marcello Gambini (Nodica / Pisa), 3rd  “Belfast protection” by Barbara Pilotti (Magreta di Formigene / Modena). For the due theme “Street Art” / color: 1st  “Light painting” by Michele Di Donato (Castelbuono / Palermo), 2nd  “Vicenza signs” by Giuseppe Grassi (Monticello Conte Otto / Vicenza), 3rd “Love is love” by Pinuccia Botta (Castelbuono / Palermo). For the obliged theme “Street Art” / white-black: 1st class. “Santa Rosalia” by Paola Mendola (Palermo), 2nd class. “Pittore di strada (Street Painter)” by Andrea Avellone (Bagheria / Palermo), 3rd “Il Santo” by Giuseppe Cacocciola (Agrigento). For the theme “Castelbuono oggi” single section: 1st  “Rivivere nella musica (Revive in music)” by Giovanni Nicolosi (Monreale / Palermo), 2nd “Incedibile” by Robert Goodman (Castelbuono / Palermo), 3rd  “Il cielo sopra Piazza Castello (The sky above Piazza Castello)” by Daniele Li Volsi (Palermo).

Mention of merit has been attributed to the amateur photographers: Luigi Maggiore (Palermo), Livia Mancinelli (Rome), Giuseppe Mazzola (Palermo). The jury also reported: Antonella D’Aria (Naples), Federico Guarraia (Castelbuono / Palermo), Dimitri Maria Gugliotta (Termini Imerese / Palermo).
The “Enzo La Grua” Youth Prize was awarded to the work, regardless of the most significant category and section presented by the young participants, entitled “Volando nel blu” by Sophia Bellina of Campofelice di Roccella / Palermo. This prize consisting of a bronze bas-relief by the artist Gianluca Bonomo, offered by the editorial staff of “Espero / magazine” is accompanied by a cash prize, offered by the Enzo La Grua Cultural Association.
The award to the youngest participant went to Enrico Veniero, eight years old from Palermo, with the work “Due finestre e un gatto a Miami (Two windows and a cat in Miami)
The award ceremony was enriched by the “Fiori di Carta” Company, directed by Clelia Cucco, with the actor Giuseppe Montaperto on stage, with theatrical forays in the theme of “Street Art”.

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