Starting a connection between the Port and the Airport

The President of Gesap, the management company of the Falcone Borsellino International Airport in Palermo, Fabio Giambrone, intervened in the Conference Room of the  Airport Management Center at the “Gesap: a Successful Event” conference announced the start for a connection between the Port and Palermo Airport.

“There is already a collaboration with the chairman of the Port Authority and we are working on a project that in the coming years could use the sea routes from the port to the airport, from the airfield to the islands,” said Giambrone – Palermo airport is experiencing an infrastructure upgrade phase. After the new arrivals and check-ins, the maintenance of the slopes is under way, while the port operates regularly. ”
After the maintenance of the slopes, there will be anti-seismic adjustment. In the last few years, Gesap closed the exercises for profit, with a forecast of a significant increase from 2020.

The conference addressed the issues of business development and growth, with a focus on the generational transition.

“The socio-economic scenario of our Island – said Salvatore Malandrino, Regional Manager of Sicily of UniCredit – continues to show shadows and lights. Even the latest figures on the Sicilian economy point to the strong delay of Sicily over the rest of the country, some comforting signs of recovery, in a light-dark opportunity and new challenges to capture. This growth, albeit curbed by chronic structural and infrastructural delays in the territory, is mainly driven by  domestic consumption, exports and investments. Another positive element  is the increase in passenger traffic in the main Sicilian airports, which in June recorded an average double digit increase over the same period of 2016, an evident sign of refocusing the tourist flows to our island with the consequent positioning of important tour operators in our territory.

The mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, at the meeting, said “a moment of great importance for the vast area of ​​Palermo, which records the positive growth of Gesap in the service of legality and development of the territory, after a past of budgets in red . This time is in tune with the vision of the city that has chosen innovation and international mobility that are now stably producing a new Palermo position, now  internationally recognized, after years of isolation. A shareholder who for four years does not require funding from public partners and with great credibility, even banking, invests and works that have changed the face and efficiency of the facility. Palermo is a city that has a vision and Gesap contributes to its realization. “

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