Started the restructuration project for the terminal at Falcone e Borsellino airport

Opened this morning the works for the terminal at the Falcone and Borsellino airport, in the presence of Infrastructure Minister Danilo Toninelli.
This is the first operational phase of the overall project of almost 72 million euros to carry out these two important works. The investment for the first lot is around 48 million, all Gesap funds, the airport management company.
The interventions will concern: the adaptation to the anti-seismic legislation; the architectural renovation of the passenger terminal; the construction of electrical, water, mechanical, special, fire and photovoltaic systems; ancillary works, such as pedestrian ramps, pontoons connecting to the aircraft apron, to guarantee the full functionality of the building in the final set-up; homogeneity from an architectural point of view, both for exteriors and interiors; increase in the number of boarding gates, security gates and check-in desks.
The rooms for passengers and passengers with reduced mobility will be reconfigured; new offices will be created for the entities that are based at the airport, for the handlers and the ticket office. The room for the return of baggage will be modernized, as well as the Shengen arrival area and extra Shengen boarding. Single front for security gates, which will go from 14 to 18. On a single front also the check-in desks, which will increase by 9 units: from 35 to 44, while the gates will pass from 14 to 16. New restaurants, local terrace and vip lounge. The intervention will have a positive impact on the commercial area, which will grow by 42%: retail areas will increase from 10 to 19 and food & amp; beverage
from six to ten. The development of commercial areas will bring benefits in terms of revenue of at least 5 million euros a year. At the end of the intervention the total area of the terminal will increase by 21%.
The total area will in fact increase from the current 37,264 square meters to 44,977 at the end of the intervention, while the commercial surface will increase from 2,890 to 4,100 square meters.
The passenger terminal will be extended both to the sea (land side) and to the aircraft apron (air side). A forepart and a photovoltaic system of over two thousand square meters will be built that will produce 487 kWh.
The color contrasts, the graphic concept, the interior design that will be part of the terminal renovation project will take inspiration from the natural features of Sicily: the sun, the sea and the Arab-Norman architecture of the Palermo urban fabric, as well as the liveliness of the folklore of the historic markets of Palermo.
The interventions will be punctual and widespread and will involve the entire airport, involving at the same time different areas in the different floors, without ever investing entire functional areas. The planned works, in fact, will be carried out according to a precise temporal scan, with the aim of keeping the terminal constantly in operation and of containing as much as possible any inconveniences. In fact, Gesap will prepare an adequate communication plan (signage and notices) to better guide passengers.

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