Sole Luna festival starting on 3th July

The 12th edition of the Sole Luna Doc Film Festival will be held in the suggestive setting of the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo in Palermo from 3 to 9 July.
A festival that returns again this year to tell stories of today and yesterday through a careful selection of documentaries from all over the world. A moment of strong aggregation also with the city, thanks to a consolidated relationship with many cultural and social realities. A festival that sees the Sicilian Region as a protagonist with the Film Commission, the City with its entire cultural and museum center, the University of Palermo, the Cervantes Cultural Institutes, the Institut Français and Goethe, the academies and the Cinemas, the institutional realities that have made it grow like the Buttitta Foundation and the Pasqualino Museum, but also realities that emerge from uncomfortable situations of isolation like the Ucciardone and the universe of school children. In a nutshell, a festival that is born and grows thanks to the work of many Palermitans and Palermitans who are attentive and responsive.

Lucia Gotti Venturato, Gabriella D’Agostino, Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura

Here is the official hashtag of this XII edition: #crearelegami, in English #establishties. Not a simple hashtag, but a real business card, an invitation to share, participate, to build new relationships, new bridges.
Founded and chaired by Lucia Gotti Venturato, President of the Sole Luna Association – a bridge between cultures, which has been operating throughout Italy since 2006 (from Palermo to Treviso, passing through Milan and Rome), the Festival boasts the scientific direction of Gabriella D’Agostino, anthropologist at the University of Palermo and the artistic direction of filmmakers Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura, graduated from the Experimental Center of Cinematography – Sicily.

The Sun Luna Doc Film Festival was presented at a press conference at the Center for Experimental Cinematography in Palermo by the director of Sicily Head of the Experimental Center of Cinematography, Ivan Scinardo, the Culture Minister of the City, Andrea Cusumano, Alessandro Rais, Of the Special Office for Cinema and Audiovisual of the Sicilian Region, by Fabio Mazzola, Vicar Predicate of the University of Palermo. Together with the institutional guests, Lucia Gotti Venturato, Gabriella D’Agostino Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura took part.

The XII edition – 2017
Of the approximately 300 films that have been nominated, there are 31 entries in the competition that were selected for this year’s edition, divided into three categories: The Journey (documentaries that tell stories of peoples, people and landscapes in Deep interconnection of “nature” and “culture”); Human Rights (films that point out problematic and crisis situations in the world where human rights are not respected, the fundamental and inalienable rights of humans as such; a separate section groups the Courts.
Prizes awarded are: Best Documentary Prize and Special Remarks: Best Director, Best Photography, Best Editing, and Most Innovative Documentary. In addition, the Sole Luna Award – A bridge between cultures (a sculpture designed by Tobia Scarpa), conferred by the President of the Association and the Lucia Gotti Venturato Festival, the Special Jury Award for High School Students, the Jury of the New Italian Jury and , Finally, the Public Prize.
Out of competition, the Art in Doc review (these are 4 documentaries dedicated to great artists of our century who will deepen themes related to contemporary art) and a tribute to the city of Palermo with the Pellegrino documentary by Federico Savonitto and Ruben Monterosso.
Judging by the documentaries in competition a jury of excellence presided over by director and producer Gianni Massironi, composed by Iranian director Firouzeh Khosrovani, director, actor and founder of the Asian Asian Film Festival Italo Spinelli, Oscar-winning director Mark Peploe, Anthropologist at the University of Milan Bicocca Vincenzo Matera.
The festival also has six national premiers, including two short films: 69 minutes of 86 days, Vuelo Nocturno, Les diux visage d’une femme bamiléké, Overdrive. Return Point, and the short Sans le Kosovo and The Shipwreck.
Along with cinema, Spasimo will become a privileged place for encounters. Every night, starting at 18 o’clock, testimonies, stories, Q & A with directors, book presentations, and solidarity projects will create a fabric made like the plot of a network to which each of the presenters will have contributed with a wire passage with a Weaving, with a knot for #crearelegami, exactly. Among them: the narrative of a theatrical laboratory project at Ucciardone, a budget for recognition of Palermo’s Capital of the Young 2017, a comparison of the main associations and institutions engaged daily in inclusion paths with migrants.

After landing. Routes and networks for those arriving in Palermo, a performance of Migrant Art.
Two exhibitions / installations: Visions (Di) Visions, a photographic exhibition featured between Beirut, Naples, Algiers, Marseilles, Amman and Ljubljana during the Photo Maraton 2016 and an installation with some animated drawings by Gianluca Costantini made at the Festival Of human rights in Milan, held from 2 to 7 May and where Sole Luna Doc Film Festival was the first partner and curator of the DOC section.
He could not have missed the training moment that he will be performing on one side of a real workshop on the real cinema led by director Alessio Genovese, founder of Zabbara, on the other masterclass of great artists present at the festival both as juries, Both as participants in the competition. On July 7th, starting from the 16th, at Csc, at the cultural sites at Zisa, the Sun Luna Doc Film Festival organizes a masterclass with directors Mark Peploe and Gianni Massironi directed at the students of the Centro Studi sperimentali di Cinematografia di Palermo and open to the public. The two hosts, friends and collaborators of Michelangelo Antonioni will talk about how the alternating phases of cinema throughout their history have been traversed and faced with important bivars for its own survival.
As with all the years, particular attention will be given to schools, in this case the Palermo secondaries, through the project launched in early 2017 with a series of projections dedicated to human rights, will see the end of the path in the composition of a jury Of students, the Special Jury for High School Students, who will express their verdict in parallel with the international jury. These are the students of the “Albert Einstein” high school, Ninni Cassara and the “Benedetto Croce” high school, coordinated by Fabio D’Agati, with Marina Patti and Luciana Bonadonna (“A. Einstein”), Valentina Bonsangue And Salvatore Ingroia (“N. Cassarà”), Pierpaolo Tripiano (“B. Croce”).
And this is the trailer of the 2017 edition of the Sun Luna Doc Film Festival

Some festival numbers

The association in 12 years of activity, between festivals and various cultural activities, has produced the following results:
• archive of 5,000 documentaries from around the world
• 100,000 viewers
• formation of 60filmakers in the North African area
• training of 40filmakers of Italian universities
• 6 video productions
• 15 school / university institutions involved
• 5 professionals presented and hired in Italian companies
• 17 exhibitions of art and photography
• 17 concerts
• The volunteers of the festival have gained professionalism as subtitlers, press officers, publishers and organizers, creating new start-ups.
• Since 2014, the Sun Luna Doc Film Festival also takes place in Treviso from 11 to 17 September.


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