Sicicon Valley, 22 to 25 March, a think tank to enhance the Sicilian territory

It starts from Sicily, Sicicon Valley, a think tank created to enhance the Sicilian territory through a global incubator, which aims to integrate international relations in the fourth industrial revolution. Sicicon Valley Expo 2018 will begin, in Palermo, on Thursday 22 March. It will be a three-day event ending on Sunday 25, consisting of meetings, debates, start-up competition and show cooking, at the Mercato San Lorenzo, the seat of tha Sicilian Assembly, Palazzo dei Normanni and the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa. Will take part  55 delegates coming from 30 different European, South American, Middle Eastern and African countries.

The Sicicon Valley Expo 2018 project

Sicicon Valley, born from a Sicilian idea, uses an international network, based in different countries from South Africa to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America, is a global incubator complying with the guidelines that the fourth revolution industrial has set as objectives: robotics, cyber, greentech, foodtech, traveltech, artificial intelligence. The groups that are part of it, and will be represented at Sicicon Valley Expo 2018, belong to the parties of social democratic provenance, liberal and that are inspired by the EPP (European People’s Party).

The three-day program of Sicicon Valley Expo 2018

The Sicicon Valley Expo 2018 program will focus on the themes of innovation and new technologies, institutional and autonomous policies, travel, food and expo. It will start on Thursday 22 March with the meeting “Youth and Politics” at Cento61 place in via Libertà, in Palermo. They will take part, among others, the MP of PPE Salvo Pogliese, Bashir Gardini, president IYDU the International Young Democratic Union, Carlo DeRomanis, vice president of IYDU, Gianfranco Miccichè, president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, and deputies Francesco Scoma of the Chamber of Deputies and Luigi Genovese and Alessandro Aricò of the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

Friday, March 23, from 11 am to 1 pm, Sicicon Valley Expo 2018 will move to the Mercato San Lorenzo, with a Startups competition that will submit to the international delegates innovative and technological projects that will compete to win a mentorship period in one of Palermo’s partner incubators, Cape Town and London as a prize, attending Alessandro Arnetta, president of Digital Magics, Salvatore Orlando president of the city council of Palermo, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, councilor of the municipality of Palermo, the lawyer Andrea Vincenti.

Friday, March 23, from 3pm to 6pm, Sicicon Valley Expo 2018 moves to Palazzo dei Normanni, seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly to debate about International Cooperation, autonomy and Sicily’s position in the Mediterranean. At 9pm there will be a gala dinner at Villa Rammacca in Bagheria with the President of the Regione Siciliana Nello Musumeci and the regional deputy Giuseppe Milazzo, the academic of Lumsa, Pietro Virgadamo and Roberto Di Peri, an expert in history and geopolitics, moderator Dario Moscato.

Saturday, March 24, for Sicicon Valley Expo 2018, from 10am to 6pm, the Pavilion Tre Navate at the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa  will host show cooking and  hackathons, whwre experts and operators of wine, oil and Sicilian food and wine, and programmers, will work togethere to create dedicate apps to improve international trade. It will attended by Edy Bandiera, Councilor for Agriculture and Sandro Pappalardo Tourism Councilor. Sunday, March 25, visit to the historical market of Ballarò. 

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