Macbeth, a great triumph at Teatro Massimo

Triumph last night for Verdi’s Macbeth, conducted by Gabriele Ferro and directed by Emma Dante, a new production that opened the season of the Teatro Massimo of Palermo.

People tributed the show with more than ten minutes of applause and standing ovations in a theater filled to the last place. The Chief Superintendent Giambrone: “This success confirms the excellent health of our theater and opera in our country ”

Among the spectators there were the superintendents of the NewYork City Opera, Michael Capasso, of the Theatre of Geneva, Tobias Richter, of the Opera of Rome, Carlo Fuortes, of the San Carlo in Naples, Rosanna Purchia, of Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, George Pace, the artistic director of the Sferisterio of Macerata, Francesco Micheli, the directors of the Teatro Stabile di Palermo, Roberto Alajmo and of the Academy of Belle Arti, Mario Zito, the president of the Academy of Music, Gandolfo Librizzi, the director of Manifesta Hedwig Fijen, the musician Giovanni Sollima, the musicologist Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi, the councilor for culture of the City of Palermo Andrea Cusumano as well.

There were also many critics and reviewers and some international media. Many authorities, the Minister for the South, Claudio De Vincenti and the Deputy General Secretary of The Prime Minister, Salvo Nastasi, the regional president, Rosario Crocetta and councilors Antonio Barbagallo and Vania Contrafatto, the prefect Antonella De Miro, the commander of the Legion Carabinieri Sicilia, Riccardo Galletta,  provincial commander of the Carabinieri Antonio Di Stasio.  

They were welcomed by Leoluca Orlando, Mayor and President of the Fondazione Teatro Massimo, and the superintendent Francesco Giambrone.

A new setting up in co-production with the Teatro Regio in Turin and with the Sferisterio of Macerata is going to come out in the next months and it will partecipate in August at the Edinburgh Festival. Applause and ovations for everyone: for director Gabriele Ferro, the director Emma Dante, for the thirty actors of his company and of the School of the Teatro Biondo, which she directs, for production designer Maringola Carmine, for the Orchestra, the Choir and the ballet of the Teatro Massimo, for craftsmen and workers of Brancaccio laboratories. They climbed  on stage at the end of the show. Very applauded the cast too: Giuseppe Altomare, who played Macbeth replacing the indisposed Luca Salsi; Anna Pirozzi, who was Lady Macbeth; Marco Mimica (Banco), Federica Alfano (the lady); Vincenzo Costanzo, who debuted the role of Macduff, Manuel Pierattelli (Malcolm), Nicolò Ceriani (the doctor), Antonio Barbagallo (domestic / assassin / Herald). The show was broadcast live by Radio 3, the web TV of the theater, on the site of the City of Palermo, on the “La Repubblica Palermo” website, was presented live from the TG2 and recorded by the cameras of Sky Classic and Rai5.
 “Macbeth and Verdi – said Orlando – confirm the ability of our roots to fly. Emma Dante, Gabriele Ferro, the orchestra, the chorus, the Corps de Ballet of the Teatro Massimo, and technicians, the School of Teatro Biondo, our artistic resources, the best of our city is flying in an international context “.
“A success – says Francesco Giambrone – that starts an important season of the Teatro Massimo, with which we celebrate 120 years since the birth of the theater and the 20 since its reopening. Today Teatro Massimo is back in the international spotlight and will remain a place of cultural production capable of high-profile and interesting challenges. I like to think that this is also a success that testifies the good health of Italian opera, a great heritage of our country. “
  For the next few replies are expected the superintendent of the Teatro Regio in Turin and the superintendent of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

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