Interview with Ambassador of Uganda in Italy Dr. Mumtaz Kassam

The Ambassador Dr. Mumtaz Kassam


Dr. Kassam why this seminar in Palermo?

“There is a potential to improve eportation and add value to the products of Uganda. The presence of Uganda at the Milan Expo actually increased awareness of many products”.

What kind of products are in Uganda?

“The main product is coffee, the Black Gold, Uganda is the biggest producer of coffee in the Commonwealth, the second in Africa and the tenth in the world. We have other strategic products as cocoa, tea, leather, horticolture, commercial handicrafts and tourism as well.”

There is already a strong relationship with Italy
“Yes, Uganda and Italy have strong diplomatic and commercial relations. Over than 50 businesses are registered at tthe Business Italia Club.”
What kind of benefits will You get from the seminary?
“Many benefits. Uganda has young and skilled people. They need to improve their experience in many field. For example in packaging. You can consider that, for example, pineapples need a special packaging to be exported, or, our farmers want to process tomatoes the same way You do. Many of our products are organic, so our farmers are interested also in marketing, advertising.”
In what other fields you are interested?
“In Uganda there are peace and stability. Otherwise tourism is growing up. The standard and the experiences of tourism in Sicily are high, and our tourism operators are very interested in this.”
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Dr. Kassam and the Mayor Leoluca Orlando at the press conference

The folk singers of the traditional Ugandan music

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