In Sicily the very important meeting of Google

Sciacca Rocco Forte

Many “Very important persons” took part in the meeting

It was held this year in Sicily, in the beautiful resort of Rocco Forte near Sciacca, Verdura, the ultra-exclusive conference known as The Camp and organized by “Google”.

The Camp meetings have as their object the discussion of topics of global significance such as feminism, the role of sport in modern culture and other aspects of civil progress.

This year at the conference, which was conducted by the chief of Google Business Omid Kordestani, were invited the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO snapchat Evan Spiegel, the Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington, the fashion designer Tory Burch, whose assets are estimated at one billion dollars and Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk, also present at the last edition.

Among the guests names such as Bill Gates, Giorgio Armani, Jovanotti, Alicya Keys, David Bechkam, Queen Rania of Jordan, the brothers John and Lapo Elkann.

Not a lot is known about the object of the conference. Certainly the guests, many of whom come to the Falcone and Borsellino airport by their private jets, have enjoyed the magnificent facilities of the Verdura Resort, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and enjoyed the lovely beaches, the excellent wines of the wineries in the area and the seafood unique flavor, which only here you can taste, also they loved two kilometers of private coastline off of which we imagine the many superyachts, and even sailing ships, that stand in the background of reddish sunsets. Everything offered by Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page.The Internet giant in recent days has become the new group Alphabet, which will control various companies, including some who plan how to bring the Internet in Africa, study treatments against aging, realize cars without driver and contact lenses capable of monitoring diabetes.

The highlight was certainly the gala, which cost 100 thousand euro for the rent of the Valley of the Temples and 10,000 Euros for the ancient Borgo Bonsignore, where they were served aperitifs.

Just the top and here, in Sicily.

by Dora Di Cara

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