In Palermo, the first international meeting of medical women on gender differences.


Three hundred medical women come from various countries. “The multidisciplinary approach to chronic diseases and gender differences”, organized by the Italian Association of Medical Women , is the first international event in Italy, on medicine and gender differences and one of the most important in the medical field

Three days of study, in Palermo, from Friday 27 April – on the occasion of the XXXVIII National Congress of the Italian Association of Medical Women – dedicated to a “Multidisciplinary approach to chronic diseases and gender differences”. Three hundred specialists from various parts of the world, seventy-seven speakers and speakers for ten sessions, will deal with gender issues related to care and health. It is one of the most important international events in the medical field, so as to have already had great visibility in the specialist press. The event is sponsored by the Presidency of the Region, by the Ars and the City of Palermo and will take place on April 27th 2018 starting at 8.30am at Palazzo dei Normanni with the opening of the international meeting and on April 28th and 29th 2018 at the Club Unified Palermo Army with the XXXVIII National Congress of Aidm.

It is necessary to focus on the need for a gender perspective in the different medical disciplines and the way to practice the profession. There are many common places to be debunked and redefined through a feminine point of view.

A session on medical women will illustrate the importance of a sexed look at reality, starting from the style of patient medical communication; gender difference will be highlighted in processes related to memory and learning; we will talk about the leadership of medical women, how to cope with sexual harassment in the workplace and work-family reconciliation.


The main topics: the escalation of violence that has struck female doctors demonstrates that there is still a long way to go to overcome the idea that rights and certainties are acquired and equal for all and everyone. From this point of view, the Palermo Aidm has already begun to interact with local anti-violence institutions and associations.

Lastly, targeted relationships are planned to bring out the relevance of gender in personalized medicine and aging, the novelties of gender pharmacology and the importance of gender in neuroscience.

An ad hoc session on medical women will illustrate the importance of a differente way to look at people; gender difference will be highlighted in processes of memory and learning;  how to cope with sexual harassment in the workplace and work-family reconciliation. Gender specificity is a key, it can help the way to care.


“It is a unique meeting of its kind, it is appropriate to say – explains Marina Rizzo, head of the Palermo section of the Italian Association of Medical Women – because diagnosis, pathology and treatment differ according to sex, as well as the approach to the patients. Another important point is the safety in the workplace and in the practice of the profession: in this perspective we have already begun to interact with the local anti-violence institutions and associations “.

The Italian Association of MD (A.I.D.M.) is a non-partisan and non-denominational non-profit association.
Founded on October 14, 1921 in Salsomaggiore Terme and recognized in Geneva in 1922 by the International Bureau, it is a member of the “Medical Women’s International Association” (M.W.I.A.). The Association was founded with the name of ‘Italian Association of Doctors in Medicine’ by Clelia Lollini, who was present in New York, October 25, 1919, at the founding of MWIA, and Myra Carcupino-Ferrari that will hold the Presidency until 1947. Medical women, then, were about 200 throughout Italy: among them Maria Montessori, AIDM member since 1928, which had to impose itself with its educational method all over the world!
The Association is divided into municipal, provincial or regional sections. It became part of the FISM (Federation of Italian Medical and Scientific Societies) in May 2003: in elaborating its scientific and training activities, it adopted the system for verifying the quality. Since January 2011 it is accredited as a standard Provider with the No. 558 by the National Commission for Continuing Education and is therefore qualified to carry out recognized training activities suitable for the ECM (Continuing Medical Education). Throughout the national territory the various sections organize conferences, seminars and study groups, participation in scientific projects and collaborations with other scientific societies. As stated in the statute, the purpose of the Association is to enhance the work of the medical woman in the health field, collaborate with other associations both Italian and international for the study of health and social-health issues that involve the community, and especially women, promote scientific-cultural training in the health field, collaborating with public bodies and institutions, developing study trials and guidelines. With this mission, the attention of AIDM has turned in recent years to the themes of balancing work and family, to career difficulties, to violence against women and minors, to the advent of new technologies and lifestyles, to the emerge or re-emerge from diseases with a large impact on the population.

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