Green way, a cycle path linking Palermo and Monreale

It was officially established in the  Church of San Mattia al Noviziato dei Crociferi, the Commission of the International Competition of Ideas and Design in two phases for the reconversion of the Green Way cycle path, of the disused Palermo-Camporeale narrow-gauge railway Palermo – Monreale section.

The first public session of the Commission concerned the reading of the alphanumeric codes assigned by the telematic system to the various proposals received.

There were present, among others, the Mayors of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and Monreale,Pietro Capizzi and the Councilor for Urban Regeneration of the Municipality of Palermo, Emilio Arcuri.

“Another intervention – say Orlando and Arcuri – financed with the “Patto per il Sud” (Pact for the South). After the six new tram lines, now the Green Way, a link between Palermo and Monreale that traces a historic connection today innovated with the recovery of abandoned areas and the realization of an eco-sustainable path between Palermo and Monreale that we have defined Green Way because we want it to be the symbol of sharing the two cities, united by the Norman Arab circuit, but also by ecological innovation, with the use of this space that we think can and must be used through absolutely non-polluting means of transport “.

“Today – declared the mayor of Monreale Piero Capizzi – the project of the Green Way really took shape, which will represent an important axis between Palermo and Monreale that traces a prestigious historical path that enhances our cultural and landscape heritage in a relationship of collaboration and synergy that will give a further impulse to the economy of our cities. I thank once again the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando who involved us in the realization of this prestigious work included in the Pact for Palermo which provides for the investment of over 700 million (332 charged to the state) for the realization of some important works of mobility and traffic “.

The “green road” will connect the Notarbartolo Station with the Monreale Station and will cross, besides urbanized areas, also areas of particular environmental and landscape value.

the Greenway broad outline in this video:

The total amount of the project amounts to 4,700,000 euros. The first five competitors classified in the design competition will receive prizes totaling 110,000 euros (40,000 to the winner, 30,000 to the second classified, 20,000 to the third, 10,000 euros to the two subsequent competitors). All figures are understood to include VAT and any other legal charge. The design winner will be assigned to the winner of the competition.

In order to guarantee anonymity and uniform conditions of participation, the procedures of the competition and the relationship between the Municipality (auctioneer body) and the competitors are carried out exclusively by electronic means through the website

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