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The 19th edition of the “Premio giovani Enzo La Grua” was held in August in Castelbuono. The event is linked to the National Competition of Photography of Città di Castelbuono and organized by the Enzo La Grua Cultural Association.

Great satisfaction from the Cultural Association Enzo La Grua, for the success reported by this last edition for the great participation of amateur photographers, representing the various Italian regions, with photographs inspired by the free theme and obliged themes: “L’altro” (the other) and “Castelbuono oggi” (Castelbuono today).

The result was extremely positive: about 1600 visitors who signed the register of presence and over 500 photographs that participated in this last edition of the Competition. The judging commission was composed by Vincenzo Cucco as president, by Aldo Gerbino, writer and art critic, by Marco Romano, vice director of Giornale di Sicilia, by Mario Zito, director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, by photographers Shobha and Tony Gentile and the photoreporter Grazia Bucca. 160 photographs were selected for the exhibition.

The event is supported by the Presidency, Assemblea Regionale and the Department of Tourism of the Sicilian Region, University of Palermo, the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo, the City and Civic Museum and Pro Loco of Castelbuono, Banca Mediolanum, Association D.L.F. Palermo, Cangemi Optics, CTA Fauni Assisted Therapy Community, Ceramiche Parrucca, Espero / magazine, Printandgo and by the entrepreneurs of Castelbuono.

Tony Gentile and Vincenzo Cucco

These are the winners: free theme color: 1st “Il saluto” by Sandro Rizzato (Nodica,Pisa), 2nd  “Walking in the rain” by Michele Ginevra (Caltanissetta), 3rd  “Kabul” by Mauro Vincenzi (Bastiglia,Modena). For the free white-black theme: 1st  “Il Sax” by Domenico Giampà (Satriano, Catanzaro), 2nd  “Amici” by Luigi Garofalo (Casarano, Lecce), 3rd  “Effetto notte sul Danubio” by Antonello Sferruzza (Palermo). For the obligatory theme “L’altro”  color: 1st “Lui e l’altro” by Giuseppe Cultrara (Isnello, Palermo), 2nd “Indifferenza” by DanieleFranceschini (Gavorrano, Grosseto), 3rd  “Stormo al Central Park” by Antonella D’Aria (Naples) photo. For the obligatory theme “L’altro” white-black: 1st  “Tutti” by Enrico Hoffmann (Palermo), 2nd  “Untitled” by Michele Di Donato (Castelbuono. Palermo), 3rd  “Movementi diversi” by Mario Giambanco (Palermo). For the theme “Castelbuono today” unique section: 1st “Ingresso libero” by Mirko Raimondo (Magenta, Milano), 2nd  “Il circolo ricreativo” by Salvatore Guglielmo (Termini Imerese, Palermo), 3rd  “L’imbrunire” by Giovanni Gugliotta (Termini Imerese).

Mentions of merit have been attributed to amateur photographers: Andrea Avellone (Bagheria), Manuela Lanzafame (Basel, Switzerland), Giuseppe Marinelli (Palermo). The jury also reported: Maria Di Pasquale (Monreale), Carlo Melloni (Palermo), Maria Angela Pupillo (Castelbuono).

The “Enzo La Grua” Award for young photographers was given to the work entitled “Milano dal sotto” by Federico Oddo from Milan. This award consists of a bas-relief offered by the editors of “Espero / magazine” accompanied by a cash prize, offered by the Enzo La Grua Cultural Association.

The prize to the youngest participant went to Giuseppe Castiglia from Castelbuono and his work “Tramonto sull’Amerigo Vespucci”, awarded with a trophy offered by Banca Mediolanum.

The Audience Award went to Leonardo Lo Bello with the opera “Ora blu, al vecchio porto di Cefalù” awarded with a trophy offered by CTA Fauni Assisted Therapy Community.

They attended the event, among others, Massimiliano La Grua, president of the Enzo La Grua Association,  Vincenzo Cucco, vice president and head of photography, Aldo Gerbino, the photographer Tony Gentile, with the Mayor of the Municipality of Castelbuono Mario Cicero, the Assessor to the Tourism Dario Guarcello of the Municipality of Castelbuono.

The award ceremony was enriched by the performance “As a man on earth”, directed by Clelia Cucco, presented by the Compagnia Fiori di Carta and performed by actors Massimiliano La Grua, Giuseppe Montaperto and Clelia Cucco.

The award ceremony ended with the presentation and distribution of the “Catalog 2018 / Calendar 2019” published by Edizioni Ex Libris (Nova Media Comunicazione by Carlo Guidotti), curated by Vincenzo Cucco, in which all the awarded photographs of this edition are presented ‘latest edition.

Official photo report by Robert Goodman.


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