Bagheria and a special catering

Bagheria is an attractive city.
The city has a long history and culture, and there are many places to appreciate in dining.
There are large and small restaurants here, which have a wide variety of foods.
The Palantica restaurant, located in the heart of the city, specialises in a variety of specialty pizzas and a variety of other specialities. Especially to cook pizzas they use sourdoughand. Very tasteful is Pizza Guttuso dedicated to the most famous painter Bagheria born Renato Guttuso, with its stuffed crust. One of the dishes I like very much is “simmered meat and bones”. It is very delicious. I specially asked how the chef cooked it. They used beer and baking methods. After very careful cooking, they gave it to them. Stinco di maiale alla birra. The environment is warm, the service is welcoming, the price is affordable, the taste is delicious, attracting many guests. It’s no wonder that the guests are nostalgic of this place after eating.

Aldo Palmeri (in the photo with Daniela and tha chef Franco Fiore) of the Club Corone Oro Sicilia and the staff decided to give the nomination of the Corone for the restaurant and the Trinacria for the pizzas.

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