An ethical pact to safeguard jobs in industry 4.0 From Sicily the proposal of entrepreneurs and Catholic leaders of Italy

Does technology reduce the number of jobs or, on the contrary, with new needs will new jobs arise? Society, business world and industry are now facing new challenges. What kind of risk and opportunities in a 4.0 Revolution? A transformation that brings with it consequences, but not necessarily negative. Provided that change is supported by adequate training and retraining of human resources. Technological level needs to be raised along with the social and ethical level.

Patrizia Di Dio

Topics of the meeting at Villa Zito, headquarters of Fondazione Sicilia, promoted by the Sicil Group of Sicilians, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Christian Leaders, who this year celebrated nationwide 70 years after the birth. In Italy there are 1500 members, of whom a hundred in Sicily. A comparison between entrepreneurs, experts and scholars of the academic world, preparing for the formulation of an ethical pact to combine innovation, development and values. In favor of progress that must never lose sight of the work worthy. “An economy of new humanism,” said Patrizia Di Dio, entrepreneur and president of Confcommercio Palermo. “The Internet, big data, analytical tools, the spread of connections and portable devices impose acceleration on companies with ever-increasing impacts, pushing them on the one hand to innovation and inviting them to rethink the organization to adapt it to necessity or even redesign it. ”

Massimo Maniscalco

“It’s not the technology that takes away the jobs, but the lack of technological innovation,” said Salvatore La Rosa, who was professor in quality control and management at the University of Palermo. All agree on the need to combine company success and social responsibility “to ward off the culture of the scrap that Pope Francis also spoke,” said Don Sergio Siracusano, Regional Director of Labor Pastoral Care. “It is not enough to promote the purchase of digital equipment and systems and software to achieve competitiveness and sustainability goals,” says Riccardo Ghidella, Ucid National President. These goals are ultimately for people and the community, and it must first be verified whether such purchases really improve the condition of the person and the economic and social performance. Industry 4.0 is a challenge that can be won if it is leading our country to increase its social, not just technological level. It is therefore necessary to have a covenant between social partners to share the goals of a revolution for the people. Ucid is one of the players in this process for the common good and social sustainability. ”
“The revolution has begun for a long time and we are in the middle,” said Corrado Vergara, full professor for business economist at the University of Palermo. Transformation is normal to happen, it is inherent in the process of growth and evolution of the world. We must work first of all on the crisis of hope. ”
“The technological revolution is a shock to the industries and businesses that bring with it the potential to be exploited,” said Massimo Maniscalco, chairman of Ucid Gruppo Sicilia. But ‘doing’ if not backed up by values ​​does not bring anything positive. We believe it is indispensable for a Great Ethical Revolution 4.0 beside a structural way to Industry 4.0. “

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