A prize for the best idea for environment and Mediterranean Sea

Up for grabs €80,000 by the ALLER project, how to participate:
Sicily is a wonderful cultural center, visited every year by thousands of tourists, but even for those who live there it is so easy and pleasing to admire the beauty of the art and history of this land.
And today we want to give you an opportunity to help us improve the sustainability of this land earning cash prizes!
Those who can participate are informal groups of aspiring entrepreneurs and enstablished start-ups who can compete in the realisation of a high potential industrial plan.
The best 20 proposal will access to a path of acceleration and commercial exchanges with Tunisia.
15.000 for the first classificated , 10,000 for the second and 5000 for the third (in cash or incubation services)
let’s give a look at the sectors:

  1. Renewable energies
  2. Agribusiness
  3. Textile and clothing
  4. Innovation in public or business services
  5. Health and well-being
  6. Another sector transversal to Sicily and Tunisia
    Competitors will be chosen through many selections which are part of a path divided into 3 phases:
    It comprehends a selection of the 40 best business ideas (20 in Italy and 20 in Tunisia)
    During the second phase 16 ideas will be selected by the previous 40 (8 in Italy and 8 in Tunisia)
    amount is 16 selected in the second phase, the six best business projects, three from Italy three from Tunisia, will receive their prizes in addition to those listed above, a special price of €20,000 for the best Italian Tunisia cooperation business project.
    If you don’t want to participate as a competitor, you can still be part of this project, (only with a minimum of 18 years old) as individual residing in Italy or Tunisia or as a judge with operational headquarter in Italy or Tunisia.
    By Giorgia Sparacio

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