Palermo. Fifty-one new buses

Fifty-one new buses of the latest generation are added to the fleet of public transport by Amat, the public transport company in Palermo. It consists of 39 10-meter diesel buses, the CityMood 10 “,  supplied by the Italian bus industry for a cost of 8,385,000 euros, 10 articulated by 18-meter diesel, the so-called” navettoni “,” CityMood 18 “, supplied by Italian bus industry for 3,005,000 euros and two 7-meter diesel buses, Iveco “50C18 Car Ind”, provided by Sivibus for 207,800 euros.

The new buses were presented this morning in the hub of Piazzale Giotto, in the presence of the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the sole director of Amat Michele Cimino.

So it’s complete the supply of 89 buses, in fact 38 buses arrived last January and they are yhe kind of  12 meters lenght, natural gas vehicle, “UrbanWay”, supplied by IrisBus for 10,241,000 euros.

The amount for the purchase of the entire 89 bus supply amounts to about 22 million euros, of which 80% is financed by the Ministry of Transport, while for the remaining 20%, about four million euros, are due to Amat resources.
At the moment Amat’s fleet consists of 403 buses, with an average age of 12.5 years. With the new supply, almost 50 percent of buses circulating every day will be new. By 2019 will be added 139 new buses, in substitution of as many vehicles that will be sold, which will bring down the average age to just under 7 years.
The Amat is now one step away from the completion of the electronic ticketing system, with the definitive introduction of the magnetic ticket. The new tickets have replaced the old tickets. The new validators have been installed on most of the fleet and are included in all new buses.

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