Treasure in East Sicily

The magical terraces, with a breathtaking view of the Aci Trezza stacks and the Aci Castello castle of the “Pupi Catania Etna B&B”, served as a catwalk for the presentation of the “Chicche” by the stylist Pina Merito, owner of the “Atelier Emozioni” of Bronte.
Presenter prof. Aldo Palmeri, critic of the Sicilian beauties.
Wonderful and characteristic the wedding dress with 5000 precious swarovski that shines with its own light (in the photo)!
The many “anti virus” masks are actually stunning, also with a Sicilian taste, and some of them hand-painted.
Particularly appreciated is the new line of “cheeky, colorful and fresh female dresses” always bearing the characteristic Sicilian motifs of the elegant summer 2020 line.
The models also sported the stylish “Sicilian coffe”
A separate chapter to launch  the men’s line “shirts, hats and scarves”, made up of “real elegant and unique works of art” hand-painted, with attention to the smallest details and truly original.
Precious the bijoux, which contributed to enrich the individual dresses, were handcrafted by the creator of “compliments for fashion” Agata Mannino, whose splendid creations are appreciated everywhere.
At the end of the event, a twist: the president of the Club Corone Oro Sicilia assigns the “Three Coffe Sant’Agata 2020”, the highest award that the Club gives in the fashion sector, to  Pina Merito.

The President’s make-up was curated by the make-up artist Eleonora Musmeci, of the staff of the Club Corone Oro Sicilia and responsible, for Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, of the renowned KADIÈ cosmetic line – an ageless future.
The presence of ing. arch. stylist Maria Giovanna Costa, whose garments are a great success in Milan in via Monte Napoleone.
During the event the pastry chef Franco Cuccia, patron of “La Piana delle Bontà” in Piana degli Albanesi, offered the famous and delicious “extra large” Piana”cannoli,  made by the pastry chef Giovanni La Rosa (in the photo below).

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