Sicilian taste and very rich flavours

In piazza Borsa, one of the most beautiful in the historic center of Palermo, on the corner with Piazzetta Visita Poveri, Sobremesa is a little gem. The passer-by immediately notices this restaurant with its gray interiors, decorated only by plants and wines, because the glass openings without frames almost cancel the division with the outside space.
What to say? You immediately notice the top-notch service, the carefully selected wine cellar and the excellent olive oils that you will taste on your arrival with the bread baked from the house. Then you will discover the traditional but enriched cooking. Precisely in the sense that from “poor” it acquires luxury for the “richness” of the ingredients that reinvent it. Pasta with sea urchins or mixed pasta with red pumpkin potatoes and scamorza cheese. Absolute grand gourmet is the quail with pineapple and saffron flowers (photo above).
Sicilian desserts and bitters will complete the meal in the best way of all.

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