La Dolce vita and the top end gourmet

With Fellini’s masterpiece film, La Dolce Vita, the world has known the Italian lifestyle, where good food and good drink in an atmosphere of well-being and relaxation are important.

Walter Carrà in his restaurant “La Dolce vita in Giardino” offers excellent food and excellent wines. The halls are, of course, enriched with beautiful black and white photos with smiling Marcello Mastroianni and Sofia Loren and quotes in Sicilian dialect as well.

The garden built in the backyard with its warm lights is really a small Eden. And it is obviously when you taste the dishes of Carmelo Marino and Antonino Franco that the game becomes even more beautiful. For example you can find the chosen pistachio in many dishes, from pesto to the dessert with sponge cake and ricotta cream. The fish is offered in many ways, from the excellent cream of sea urchins on croutons to the humble sardine balls with fresh pasta with shrimp, to the octopus walled to the noble snapper and the mussel soup with gorgonzola. Or you can choose the excellent pizza made by Salvatore Zummo with a blend of antique flours and cereals leavened  72 hours, topped, for example, with almonds and Nebrodi pork jam. Ah …. La Dolce vita …

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